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Women tend to gaze upon more attractive and finely made watches compared to their male counterparts. Marketing watches to women buyers are at an all-time high, but how does someone find the right watch for a woman? Given all of the choices available, it would seem redundant for a business owner or retailer to buy watches in bulk. However, Wholesale Watch Manufacturers are thriving on the trend of women being more apt to accessorize watches with their apparel. Even so, the unisex accessory industry is gaining way as women look to standardize men’s watches to make them more inclusive for everyone!

It is fair to say that women enjoy a good deal, and ladies can reap some savings when their select retailor choose to ship in their products from a Ladies Watch Factory. Most watch factories carry a feminine collection line or specialize in women’s accessories. Focusing on market trends, watch factories manufacture bulk timepieces designed to sell off the shelves with quick time-to-market strategies in play, often associated with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

A Luxury Watches Factory is another alternative if the standard does not suit the company’s brand or the target market of women buyers. Swap out leather straps for metal bracelets. Pick popping and vibrant colors rather than neutral ones. Consider a variation of case sizes to fit a wide range of women’s wrists more elegantly. Original design manufacturers (ODMs) are the next step in providing designer timepieces as more customization is available to retailers. If ODMs are not an option due to budget concerns, OEMs can provide a multiple of readily available designs to select from! Otherwise, stick with ceramic and stainless steel as classic choices never fade.

Yellow gold is the most popular color in the feminine watch market. Afterward, it is silver, rose gold, then white gold. Every bulk supplier is guaranteed to carry all of the mentioned options for a watch case as those colors suit casual and dress attire for women. Even stone choice will provide a vast array of colors to any timepiece. Women often admire rubies, but mineral and stone dials are also making headlines! Wholesale watchmakers may offer blue slivers of African Shattuckite or from Piagets. Otherwise, blue sapphires are a more affordable option for retailers and consumers. Consider white sapphires attempting to choose inexpensive stones beyond the go-to choice of crystals and diamonds.

Any watch less than 34 millimeters is categorized as a woman’s watch. Women’s watches often comprise quartz movements with stylish craftsmanship mainly designed to highlight feminine details, such as flowers. However, smaller men’s watches are now advertised as suitable for women for a clean, classic look to compliment business settings. Creating a unisex selection is now a contemporary option for retailers to expand their timepiece selections in-store and online. Slight adjustments, especially when collaborating with ODMs, can also feminize the pieces to have smaller case sizes. This option is changing the way retailers and women buy, market, and view watches!

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