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Every year, hundreds of companies produce millions of timepieces in China. It can be challenging to locate a company that manufactures designs as per your taste. Watches Factory aims to manufacture and sell luxury watches, leisure watches, silicone watches, LED watches, mechanical watches, and various other items.


The watch supplier manages these subcontractors and assembles the finished items. All watch manufacturers have a connection to the same subcontractors in general. Since they do not engage heavily in R&D, all market suppliers have accessibility to the same parts and equipment.


While customers shouldn't assume any manufacturer to provide free product design services, most will produce your unique watch designs. The main component is the watch case, which necessitates the use of an injection mold. If you have a CAD design, comprehensive pictures, drawings, or a reference sample, can get it done for you.

On the other hand, the case design depends on the actual components (e.g., movement and dial) that you want to utilize. When creating a wristwatch, there are restrictions to how far you should go.

Any part, including the hands, crown, and indexing, can be customized as per your choice. However, all OEM (custom designed) components necessitate tooling, increasing cost, and lengthening the production time. This increased production time may also have an impact on the MOQ requirement.

The watch case, clock face, and straps, on the other hand, are simpler to personalize. For most small enterprises, it makes sense to create a balance and mix custom-made components with "factory standard" parts. Luxury Watches Factory outsources the production of their product packaging to specialized packaging manufacturers. The majority can also provide a variety of standardized models in relatively small numbers. Branding is also an option, but it may result in a minor rise in the MOQ and price.

Another option is to create custom-designed packaging, which involves packaging design skills because it depends on the design and measurements of the watch. Relying on the seller to make the final modification is rarely a good idea, and it can result in a significant number of unusable packages.

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