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Yes, you read that correctly. Watches Manufacturers aren't stupid, and they understand that if they ever want to be more than just a niche market moving forward, these days being a time of so many world fixtures becoming obsolete, they need an edge. This doesn't mean that watch Manufacturers are in any danger of becoming less than profitable, of course. Old-fashioned, childish digital watches are scarcely manufactured as more than gumball machine prizes, and smart watches are just a pointless technology with no real practical purpose.

Pulling your phone out of your pocket or glancing at your computer screen to check the time is all well and good if you only need to do so occasionally, and you don't mind some mild inaccuracy. Just because something uses a microchip does not guarantee that it is 100% infallible, by the way. Have you never had a Windows update mess up your time zone or set your clock 12 hours behind? Do you really think that a smart watcher phone is immune to this nonsense? If so, you're in for a rude awakening one day!

So, for professionals who need to convey an edge of classiness, financial upward mobility and a dedication to punctuality, a high-and watch will always be a desired thing. Everybody laughs at Star Trek for predicting people still giving antique and custom watches as gifts in an era with AI and lightspeed, but I totally believe it.

However, to appeal to the broader masses, Custom Handmade Watches have become a thing in recent years. This used to be impossible, and even after that, it was a gamble, because early handmade custom watches were usually done using a kit for the inner mechanics, a kit that was probably not all that quality.

However, wouldn't watch Manufacturers, specializing in these custom handmade watches, have a deeper understanding of timepiece mechanics, offering the same Swiss precision that other luxury watch brands can offer. With a wooden watch, you are even more impervious to the elements, as treated wood can actually stand up against water better than a lot of metals, contrary to popular belief. Along with this, wouldn't Watches Factory can also do a lot more with the custom design as far as coloring, fit, form factor and much more. They are also a lot more comfortable, not becoming instantly cold when exposed to the winter, or getting scorching hot if your hand happens to be in sunlight.

They are also a lot more ecologically-sound, thanks due to being made of mostly biodegradable components, and requiring a lot less metal be pulled from the earth to produce them. If you feel like you might want to go back to an old fashion watch, but you are over the traditional gold or diamonds, heck, maybe you don't even like plastic, then consider looking into one of these custom handmade watches. It will suit your personality, it will be an excellent conversation piece, and it will still bring the practical control of time that you demand from a precision instrument.

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