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We will start this discussion with a spoiler: only under certain circumstances is a digital watch and obvious winner, and the same goes for smart watches which are honestly a technology looking for a purpose, rather than a technology fulfilling one.

A lot of people just look at their phones to tell the time these days, and for average people of average means, that's perfectly fine. If you want to mechanical wristwatch, you need to be auto afford Swiss precision from a Swiss Watch Factory, and that is it going to come cheap. If you don't want to invest in an expensive timepiece, you may as well just use your phone, or use a cheap digital watch. You don't have the type of professional lifestyle that requires such a timepiece, and that isn't being condescending. Only some roles in life call for these pieces, but when they do, you need luxury watches manufacturer pieces of exquisite craftsmanship and precise engineering.

But, on a purely technical standpoint, isn't a digital watch better?

What a digital watch has going for it and against it…

There is no arguing that a digital watch is easier to read. Anyone who grew up learning how to tell time on a traditional clock remembers that it wasn't an easy thing to learn, and in an age where most time readouts are digital by nature, most of us have to stop and stare at traditional clock and watch faces for a second to think through the time indicated.

However, a great many from various a high-and Watches Supplier offer a mechanical digital readout, along with the traditional face. They have been able to do that since the late 1800s in fact. There was simply a time when this feature was considered ugly and garish, but is now actually considered elegant.

They also tend to be very durable, made of plastics and the like, and tend to be more affordable unless you are thinking about a high-end smart watcher something. They can withstand certain conditions, such as extreme heat or cold, without their mechanical parts failing. However, they can be disabled by magnetic fields, static shocks, extreme humidity and electromagnetic pulses. Even with RF shielding, they may not be viable for certain radio-sensitive conditions, and they just lack the elegance and professional statement that a high-quality watch can offer.

What a mechanical watch from a Luxury Watches Manufacturer has going for and against it…

Again, when it comes to readability, a traditional watch face is less intuitive to read, and honestly the old-fashioned way of telling time is a little silly. Yet again, though, most luxury watches have mechanical rolling displays that show digital numbers as well, and it is considered an elegant and attractive feature now, which is only why it has become a well-known design aspect of these watches in recent times.

A luxury watch, and if you are going to wear mechanical watch, you need the luxury for the statement it makes, the comfort it offers and the precision it can rely upon, is not susceptible to electric shocks, humidity or the like. They are somewhat susceptible to extreme heat and cold, when the mechanisms can become brittle or expand, but modern materials mean that these would be conditions that would probably break your body before they broke the watch.

A luxury watch says a professional statement about you, and also declares your financial position in a humble and non-flamboyant way, something that you actually do have to indicate when performing business, and in some cases, when seeking partnership in life.

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